History of the Corset

2The history ofcorsetsand how they originated is quite fascinating actually. They were initially introduced in England. It is the type of clothing which encloses your mid torso thus pushing up your upper chest for a higher cleavage and very slim inner body.  Corsets have always been associated with the Victorian times when they were the most popular as you may have seen in movies and on television. They were a big thing in the past for the women showing off their sexy curves and were a sign of solidarity for on lookers.

The origin of the corset is believed to have come from England from all the drawings and illustrations. These drawings would show women wearing bodices made of animal skin. It was believed that these were made fitted to the woman’s body in the fresh state. There also many paintings originating from ancient Rome, Greece and the Middle East. Mostly being used for support by gymnasts, bull fighting and so on.

In the more civilized nations corsets were used both by men and women like in Greece.  They were worn for back support when playing sports and while doing strenuous activities.

In the 16th century they were seen as a sign of wealth and posture. They gave women and men a sense of wealth and priority.  Corsets eventually evolved into Italy where they had them underneath the busk for a smoother look.

In the 17th century times changed and flowy dresses became increasingly popular. Now a days corsets are worn more for fashion. So they have come a very long way since many years ago. In the past corsets were dated and used for solidarity as opposed to now corsets come in many different designs for outer fashionable wear.  New style corsets like can be seen at the various online stores like Secret Corset and even ebay,  now come in Burlesque, Victorian, sexy designs for glamorous wear. Paired with high heels and jeans for a night out on the town or for special occasions.  Corsets can be seen on many celebrities as a way to stand out and be seen.  They create a unique vibe to those who choose to step out in one.

There is a long history to corsets and how they came to be. It’s ever so fascinating how much is has evolved over the years and how it is used today. They can be found in many locals stores and you can search online for the variety of styles and colors they are carried in. This will give you a sense of just how much they have changed over the years. In the past they were tight all around making some women look flat as opposed to modern ones where they work with your upper chest area creating cleavage and a voluptuous upper torso.  Some women even use corsets under garments for slimmer finish. Even worn underneath dresses for a sexy touch.

Home for Halloween


As Halloween approaches, both Children and adults alike seem to be looking forward. At this point any ideas and costumes are pretty much thoroughly thought out. Especially adults seeking the perfect sexy costume, such as nurse, cat costume, playboy and the list goes on. The nurse costume seem to be the most popular around this time and get sold out pretty fast. Vampires and policeman costumes are pretty sexy as well and are great for clubs.   I usually get my ideas from the clubwear blog, where I find lots of fantastic ideas on what to wear for halloween.   it’s a fun place to checkout outrageous and artsy fashion.

There are many local and online stores which carry thousands of styles and designs. Different forms of Vampire, nurse, playboy bunny costumes. The key is to pick out the one that best suits you. For example look for the colors that most work with your skin tone. There are also a variety of fabrics to choose from. Halloween is a time in which you should pick the most comfortable smooth fabric as you’ll most likely be wearing that outfit for a long period of time. Especially since it’s a time people wait all year long for. Anticipating and selectiving designing their halloween wardrobe.

Here is a list of extremely sexy Halloween costumes which are a bit unique that are sure to make heads turn.
Superwoman, Swatt Hottie, Pinup Mouse, Cheerleader, Sexy Referee, Girl Spider, Mile High Club Stewardess, Catsuit, Sexy Ninja, Combat, Genie and Spartan. All very sexy and demure costumes. Now it’s up to you, sticking with the regular nurse and cop costume is always a good choice but there is nothing wrong with switching it up a bit this halloween. Just make sure to order your costume in time as online will take about 2 weeks for your parcels to arrive.   Most of these are available from one of my favorite online stores, Orchid Dreams Fashion Clothing., where you can find a good selection of sexy lingerie as well as other types of sexy clothing.

For those last minute halloween ideas, you can easily just purchase the accessory bags which contain bunny ears and tails and a neck tie. Those are very easy to pull with any mini dress or shorts and a crop top with high heels. I’ll be quite honest i have done that a few years back and it was quite exquisite. You can pick bunny accessories in many different colors matching with your hair color. For example if you have dark hair lighter colors work best and vice versa.

Picking a venue that is hosting a great halloween is also key. Many Adults find going to a local nightclub thrilling, as some attend banquet events and some enjoy the company of friends at home. You can go anywhere your heart set sails the most important thing is to make sure you have picked out your sexiest halloween costume yet.

Mood of life captured in art

Autumn Oil Paintings 2

Oil painting is a very sought of form of artistry for consumers and artists themselves. For those searching for the best painting and those creating the best piece of art work. They are a beautiful piece of art which has withstood time and are still very popular antique elements. They are spectacular and very rich in texture. Oil painting vary in prices depending on sizes and base colors used.

Oil Painting for me personally is a favorite as it is very realistic looking. It is the kind of art that is thick as opposed to water colors that tend to look a bit far in realism. Oil Painting is dedated back to the middle ages where this form of painting lasted longer and was more durable. Many artists and consumers opted for these types of painting instead of others which used to wear out pretty quick. All the hard work and designs would get washed away pretty quick.

For outstanding oil paintings lies a true artist and lot’s of work. Some pieces require weeks to several months for completion. Color pigments mixed with oils such as Linseed, poppy seed, safflower and walnut are used for oil paintings. Oil Paintings tend to be a bit harder to work with because they do not dry up very easily so when trying to add other layers of paint it requires me to wait about a week or so before doing so.

In today’s world, oil painting has been made easier by the introduction of miscible oil paints. These paints can be cleaned with water which is a great and fast way to erase marks or fix up your work. They also reduce or elimate the odor of toxic chemicals. As these types of smells make it unbearable to spend many hours creating a master piece. We all know beautiful painting take weeks to months to finish.